101 million dollars came to the country in 15 days

Although the maximum price of the dollar has been fixed, in the first 15 days of this month, 100 million 86 million dollars of expatriate income or remittances have arrived in the country. If expatriates send income in this way, it will exceed 2 billion or 2 billion dollars at the end of the month. Last July and August also the income was more than 2 billion.

Now remittance of any amount of expatriate income from abroad does not require any kind of documents. Apart from this, the government is giving incentives at the rate of two and a half percent on expatriate income. And since last week, the banks are offering 108 rupees for every dollar of expatriate income. Despite this, the expatriate income has not decreased. Last August, expatriates remitted an income of about 204 million dollars to the country. Expatriate income in July was about $2.1 billion. About 1.84 billion dollars came last June.

The dollar is weakening
Meanwhile, the upward trend of the dollar price in the country has already come down. The price is also gradually decreasing. Banks are expatriate yesterday

He gave the highest price of 107 rupees for export income. And according to the information of Bangladesh Foreign Exchange Dealers Association (BAFEDA), last Sunday, the price of each dollar was 105 taka 50 paisa in the case of purchase and sale of dollars between banks.

It is known that Islami, National, Bangladesh Krishi and Rupali Bank paid an average price of more than 107 rupees per dollar in expatriate income and export bills. Global Islami and Social Islami Bank have bought expatriate income and export bill dollars at a price of more than 106 rupees. Standard, Sonali, Pubali and Dutch Bangla Bank have bought foreign income and export bill dollars at a price of more than 105 rupees. However, in the case of expatriate income and export bills, the average price per dollar given by all banks was 102 taka 55 paisa.