25 thousand taka to be charged for import of personal weapons

A fee of 25,000 rupees is now required to obtain permission to import personal firearms. This permit will be valid for one year. This permission has to be obtained from the Office of the Chief Controller of Imports and Exports under the Ministry of Commerce. Until recently there was no duty on the import of personal firearms. Apart from this, the existing fees of various services of the department have been increased. As a result, the costs of importers and exporters increased. Commercial and Industrial IRC Registration and Renewal; Various types of export certificates; Formalin production, import, storage and sale license fee has been increased.

Apart from this, charges have been imposed on some new services including surcharge. The new tariff will be effective from September 1. On August 21, the Ministry of Commerce issued an order in this regard.

According to the order of the Ministry of Commerce, if the import limit of the importer is more than Tk 5 crore, the registration fee should be paid from Tk 60 thousand to Tk 80 thousand. Similarly for renewal you have to pay 24 thousand to 32 thousand rupees. Otherwise the registration and renewal fees remain the same.

Export Registration Certificate and Renewal, Multinational Export Registration Certificate and Renewal Fee has been increased from Tk 3 to Tk 10,000 from the current rate. In this case, it will take 10 to 50 thousand taka to register. And it will take 7 thousand to 25 thousand taka to renew.

According to the order, if importers and exporters fail to renew their registration certificates, they will have to pay a surcharge. In case of non-renewal, one to two thousand rupees surcharge has to be paid in the first one to three years. And after 6 years, a surcharge of Tk 25,000 will be levied.

In addition, change of name, address, ownership of the organization; Change of designated bank; A new fee of Tk 2,000 has been levied for import registration limit, class, increase/decrease limit and change of import title of industrial import registration certificate.