A herd of buffaloes is floating on the coast of Sitakunda from Sandwip

Due to the extra tide due to Cyclone Sitrang, buffaloes from different places of Sandwip grazing areas have come to Sitakunda coast in groups. Today Tuesday till 3:30 pm, more than half a hundred buffaloes have been rescued from several places in Sitakunda. It is said that this number will be more than hundred. However, although the administration has confirmed the arrival of herds of buffaloes, the number has not been confirmed.

Local sources said that a herd of buffaloes came to the shores of Syedpur, Muradpur, Barbakund, Banshbaria, Kumira and Sonaichari unions of Sitakunda after noon today. Local people have rescued the buffaloes. Many reported the matter to the upazila administration.

Abdul Alim, a shipwreck worker in the signboard area of ​​Sonaichari union of the upazila, said that around two o’clock in the afternoon, a herd of buffaloes floating in the Sandwip channel came to a shipwreck factory in the signboard area. Local people rescued them and locked them in a room. There are 39 buffaloes. Apart from this, local people rescued 12 buffaloes from another shipwrecked factory area in Akilpur area of ​​Kumira Union. According to upazila administration sources, two and five buffaloes have been found in Syedpur, Muradpur, Barbakunda and Kumira areas of the upazila.

Apart from this, it is known that there are buffaloes in other unions as well. The exact calculation is not yet available. They believe that the buffaloes from the Sandwip coast reached the Sitakunda coast by crossing the Sandwip channel.

Sitakunda upazila executive officer. Shahadat Hossain told Prothom Alo that they have received reports of buffaloes floating in three coastal unions of Sitakunda. He ordered the concerned chairmen to take the recovered buffaloes into custody. Later, if any person claims ownership, the buffalo will be handed over subject to production of proof. According to him, due to excessive tides in the Sandwip grazing areas, the buffaloes have floated to the Sitakunda coast.