After cow meal, the two entrepreneurs of Yoghurt-Misthi business in Bogra

Two entrepreneurs Tauhid Parvez and Rakibul Islam of Bogra started the yogurt-sweets business after coming to the country after studying abroad and establishing a cow farm. The company named ‘Mithai Mela’ started its journey on Saturday with the promise of producing curd and sweets from the milk of its own farm.

Bogra Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Masudur Rahman officially inaugurated the institution at District Police Kalyan Market in front of Sadar Police Station on Kabi Nazrul Islam Road in the city.

International award-winning freelance photographer Tauhid Parvez is the initiator of Mithai Mela. After studying at the Auckland Institute of Studies in New Zealand, he came to the country and built a cow farm. Rakibul Islam, who has graduated in international business from Kelley University in Newcastle, UK, has partnered with him. On June 5, 2021, Prothom Alo published two separate reports on Towhid Parvez under the title of ‘Higher education abroad, returning to the country as a dairy farmer’ and Rakibul Islam on July 3 of this year under the title of ‘Falling from London to Cow Farm’.

Tauhid Parvez told Prothom Alo that he has already won several international awards by taking pictures. Through this, he tried to highlight Bogra in the world. Bogra’s famous curd is already going to take Bogra’s reputation as a GI product (Recognition of Geographical Indication Product). An organization called ‘Mithai Mela’ has been established to bring this yogurt market to the international arena. Apart from Bogra, they have a dream of gradually opening branches of the organization all over the world including the capital Dhaka.

The slogan of the company is ‘Authentic taste of pure milk’. Entrepreneurs say that apart from preparing all kinds of yogurt and sweets with the milk of its own farm, the company will continue with uncompromising policy on product quality. For now six grades of curd are available here. Besides, 35 items of sweets will be available in the first phase of Mithai Mela.