Analyze provides all types of services in digital marketing

Imagine you are marketing a product or service on digital channels. But you have no idea how to do it. Or suppose you need to create websites, software, apps or games for your company. But you have no idea. So the way? There is no reason to worry. There are many companies in the market now dealing with digital marketing. But things were not so easy around 2008-10. At that time, the concept of digital marketing was not there in the country. In that situation, we started the first task with the challenge.

This is how Sumit Saha, co-founder and managing director (MD) of Analyze Bangladesh, the country’s first digital marketing company, told the story of their rise.

Recently, Sumit Sahar spoke to Prothom Alo at the company’s office in Gulshan in the capital. He said, for any company, brand or product, analyze the market, determine the specific consumer category, which means of effective marketing can be done at low cost, etc. Apart from providing services in digital marketing, the company also works on various websites, apps, games, AR and VR projects.

In 2004, Sumit, the co-founder of Analyze, was admitted to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). The family wanted Sumit to become a doctor. But after admission to BUET, his career path changed. Was not very focused in class studies. While studying in the third year, he started freelancing web development work on the advice of his elder brothers of the university. Sumit likes the work that started as a hobby.

At that time Sumit’s college and university friend Ridwan Hafeez was doing freelancing with him. In the beginning the work was very little. Gradually the workload increased. Then the two friends thought of institutionalizing their venture. From that thought, Analyze debuted as a software company in August 2008. But at that time it was very difficult to survive by making software only, said Sumit. So they started digital marketing in 2010 to increase income.

Narrating the story of the beginning, Sumit said, ‘At that time, the concept of digital marketing was almost non-existent in the country. Then we two friends spontaneously went to different companies. Tried to convince them the benefits and future possibilities of digital marketing. But most showed no interest. First we got the job of a WiMAX internet service company. Then a foreign electronics company offered a job opportunity. After that, there was no looking back.

In 2015 Risalat Siddiqui partnered another entrepreneur as the scope of work increased. Who is currently serving as the chairman of the company. Analizen was registered as a limited company in the same year.

Sumit Saha, co-founder of Analyze, said, ‘We provide 360 degrees, i.e. all types of services in the field of digital marketing. Our consumers are spread across various social media including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. Each medium has different content type, size, branding. We tailor these social media marketing strategies to our clients. Apart from this, we provide various software services including web development, apps, games development. However, along with marketing, Analyze is giving more importance to data analysis. They want to do more work on data analysis in the future.

Analyze started about 14 years ago with a capital of only 800 taka. More than 135 employees work in that company now. Till now Analyze has worked for more than 100 domestic and foreign companies. In addition to domestic big brands, there are also multinational companies like Unilever. In the last year 2020-21, the growth of the company was 16 percent. The transaction amount was around 43 crore rupees. Sumit said, ‘We never call Analyze a startup company. Because, since the beginning, it has been running as a mainstream commercial company.

The work has also received a lot of recognition. Analizen has received hundreds of domestic and foreign awards so far. These include Golden Globe Tiger Summit Awards in 2015 for excellence and leadership in branding and marketing, Campaign Agency of the Year Award in South Asia in 2017, National IT Award in three categories from Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) in 2019 and Bangladesh Brand Forum. Digital Marketing Award from

Sumit said that due to Corona, the demand and work of digital marketing in the country has increased more than before. Addressing the young entrepreneurs, Sumit Saha said that there is no such thing as everyone has to do business. But if one is interested in doing business, then they have to go step by step. If you can improve your skills, the chances of survival in the business will also increase.