Another 50 hilsa weighing two kilograms were caught in the Bara Feni river

In Feni’s Sonagazi Upazila, 50 hilsa of 2 kg were again caught in the fishermen’s net in the big Feni river. After weighing, it was found that 35 of those 50 hilsa are 2 kg 150 grams, and the other 15 are about 2 kg. About 25 kg of hilsa was caught in the same net. In total, about 3 maunds of 5 kg of hilsa were caught in the fishermen’s nets.

Earlier on Tuesday, 20-25 hilsa fish weighing 2 kg were caught in the fishermen’s nets.

The fish got caught in the net yesterday afternoon. Later, when the fish were brought to the river bank and auctioned, the local fish merchants Niamat Ulyah and Abdul Mannan jointly bought 3 maunds and 5 kg of hilsa fish for 1 lakh 90 thousand 500 taka. They brought 50 big fish to the market and sold all the fish for 2 lakh 10 thousand including 1 lakh 48 thousand 400 taka.

Local people said that the fisherman of Ardashgram area of ​​the upazila. 10 fishermen including Nayan Mia had cast their nets at the mouth of the Bay of Bengal at the end of Bara Feni river to catch hilsa fish on Wednesday morning. As the tide goes down as the day progresses, if you suddenly pull the net, you can understand that something big is trapped. After pulling the net and bringing it to the boat, everyone saw that a big hilsa fish had been caught. At the same time small hilsa was also caught.

Fisherman Nayan Mia said, after fishing, they return from the river in the afternoon and take the fish to the local market for sale. There he sold the fish to the highest bidder in the auction.

Fisherman Niamat Ulyah said that the fish were brought to the fish market in the evening to sell. Many eager people flock to the market to see the big hilsa fish. Many people like to buy one or two fish even if the price is high.

Abdul Mannan said that the price of 2 kg of hilsa is Tk 1700 per kg. Later sold at 1500 and 1400 taka per kg till 10:30 pm. Besides, he sold other hilsa fish at 600-900 taka per kg.