Bangladesh beat China in a breathless match

The players of Bangladesh cheered to get the decisive point of victory. The players lay down on the court in joy. Bangladesh has rarely played such a suffocating international match on the volleyball court in memory. Bangladesh beat China 3-2 in the fifth place match of the Asian U-20 Volleyball Championship in Bahrain today. Bangladesh showed a great surprise by finishing fifth in the competition of 17 countries.
Bangladesh had to play the fifth place match today after losing in the quarter-finals yesterday to South Korea, the maximum six-time champion in Asian youth volleyball. But this match was also very difficult. Because China has the second highest four-time champion in Asian youth volleyball. Bangladesh played better than expected against such a strong team. Tanveer Hussains left behind China in all categories including service, block.

Usually the set is decided if either team gets 25 points first. But in the Bangladesh-China match, no team could take two consecutive points from 21 to 31 points in the first set. In the end Bangladesh won the first set with 32-30 points.
The same team won the second set as well. This time the difference is 25-19. After that, China returned to the match by winning two consecutive sets. The margin of victory for China in the third set is 25-23. Fourth set 25-22. The fifth set was again a fierce fight. At one time the points of both teams were 10-10. After that, Bangladesh got a point once and China got another point. In the end, Bangladesh was happy to win by 15-13 points.

Bangladesh is far behind in facilities compared to China. On top of that, Bangladesh went to Bahrain for just one month of training under the part-time Iranian coach Alipore RG. But the game did not seem that there was a lack of preparation of Bangladesh. Bangladesh players showed surprise by defeating teams like Iraq, Qatar, China.

The experience of visiting Bahrain will be useful for the Bangladesh team before the Asian Central Men’s Under-23 Volleyball Championship in Dhaka next December.