Billy Mohiuddin Roni’s awareness pamphlet at Sylhet railway station

Mohiuddin Roni is distributing awareness pamphlets about complaint rules at the Directorate of Consumer Rights and Protection. Mohiuddin Roni, a student of Dhaka University who has been agitating against the mismanagement of Bangladesh Railway at Sylhet railway station on Friday night, has distributed awareness leaflets to stop passenger harassment at Sylhet railway station.

On Friday night, he distributed the pamphlet on the platform of Sylhet railway station and inside the train to the passengers to complain to the Directorate of Consumer Rights and Protection. Later that night, Rony returned to Dhaka by Upban Express.

Earlier, Mohiuddin Roni came to Sylhet from Dhaka last Wednesday. While distributing pamphlets, Mohiuddin said to the passengers, if any passenger is harassed or suffered in the train, he can file a complaint with the Directorate of Consumer Rights.

Roni also urged him to e-mail if someone complains and doesn’t get results. He also said, “After complaining, call me if necessary.” I will act on behalf of harassed passengers. Everyone should speak out against mismanagement and corruption. We want to see railway stations free from corruption and mismanagement.’

Stating that he did not notice any mismanagement at Sylhet railway station, Mohiuddin Rony said that officials and employees were not seen to neglect discipline and responsibility at Sylhet railway station. However, one was handed over to the station authorities for trying to sell tickets at a higher price.

Sylhet station manager. Nurul Islam told Prothom Alo, “There is no corruption or ticket black market at this station. All officers and employees are performing their duties in an orderly manner.

When asked about the arrest of a person for asking for a higher ticket price, Nurul Islam said, “I heard that a passenger canceled the journey and went to return the ticket to the counter.” But according to the rules, if someone cancels the ticket before the journey, the money will not be refunded. After informing that, the person wanted to sell tickets to the passengers in front of the station. I heard that some young people arrested him and handed him over to the stationmaster on the charge of asking for an extra price for a ticket of 320 rupees.