Dalal Plus embezzled Tk 41 crore from customers

Dalal Plus, the current e-commerce company, used names like Tornado, Typhoon, Kalboishakhi, Tufan to advertise its products online. The advertisement claimed 45 percent discount on prices of various products including mobile phones, cars and motorcycles and delivery within 30 days. In this way, the company collected about 200 crore rupees in 7 months. Out of this, they have not yet explained the customer’s products worth Tk 75 crore 72 lakh 94 thousand.

According to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the police, three people, including the director of Dalal Plus, diverted the money of the customer’s products by opening institutions as personal banks of relatives and under different names. In the three-month investigation, information has emerged against Dalal Plus for non-delivery of goods worth Tk 75 crore 72 lakh 94 thousand. Out of this, evidence of embezzlement of Tk 41 crore 7 lakh 35 thousand was found. What happened to the rest of the money is being investigated.

A case has been filed against Dalal Plus chairman Saleh Uddin Murad, managing director Azizul Haque and director Abu Zubair Hossain Rabi under the Money Laundering Act at the capital’s Dhanmondi police station on Saturday. CID Organized Crime Department Inspector Ibrahim Hossain filed the case as the plaintiff. All three are currently in hiding.
According to CID, Dalal Plus took more than 45 thousand forms (orders) in the name of giving attractive discounts. However, customers have not paid all the orders.

Evidence of collection of 126 crore 83 lakh 31 thousand taka has been found for a total of 8 thousand 222 forms (one form may contain multiple products). Among them, the top officials of the company went into hiding without giving the products worth Tk 75 crore 72 lakh to the customers against 3 thousand 604 orders. This money was transferred to the accused and their relatives as 19 banks.

It has been mentioned in the statement of the case filed under Money Laundering Act that out of 41 crore 7 lakh 35 thousand taka of the customer, 35 crore 57 lakh taka has been embezzled from the bank at various times. 5 crores was transferred to the Barisal branch of a bank owned by Dalal Plus, Freedom 71 and IT Institute. Apart from this, Dalal Plus director Abu Zubair advanced Tk 50 lakh to a business firm in Uttara for the purchase of two Land Cruiser vehicles.

Special Superintendent of Police Humayun Kabir of the CID’s Organized Crime Division told Prothom Alo that after the investigation, a case has been registered against three people under the Money Laundering Act. The amount of money and the number of accused may increase in the investigation.

Dalal Plus started its business in January 2021 by renting an office on the fifth floor of ANZ Square in Jigatla area of ​​Dhanmondi in the capital. Many of the customers were cheated and filed multiple fraud cases against the company’s top officials in Dhanmondi and Motijheel police stations and courts. Many customers did not file a case for fear of not getting a refund.

A customer named Abdullah Mamun told Prothom Alo that he had ordered various products worth around Tk 18 lakh including motorcycles at Dalal Plus by borrowing from his relatives. Received goods worth about 5 lakh rupees. Dalal Plus suddenly closed the office without paying the remaining amount of products. Unable to repay the loan, he is now on the run.

Officials investigating the case say that the accused used to collect money from customers in the name of giving products at a discount. However, this money was not taken directly as the bank of Dalal Plus and was transferred as the bank of another company named ‘Broker Digital Solution Limited’. The accused took the initiative to open 10 establishments including Dalal Bazar, Dalal Tribune, Dalal TV, Dalal Prime and Dalal Food with the money of the customers.