For the first time, 150,000 chicks went to India

For the first time, 100,000 live fingerlings of Vietnamese fish have been exported to India through the Benapole land port in Jessore. A truck loaded with fish entered India through Benapole port on Wednesday afternoon. The possibility of creating a new market for the export of fry has emerged through the live export of fish fry produced in fish hatcheries in Bangladesh.

According to Benapole Customs officials and people involved in exports, the price of pona exported to India for cultivation was $333. The weight of 1 lakh chicks is 33 kg. Accordingly, the price of pona per kg fell to 10 dollars. Janata Fish of Sharsha Upazila of Jessore exported this fish.

Benapole Custom House Commissioner Mohammad Abdul Hakim told Prothom Alo, “For the first time, fish fingerlings have been exported through Benapole land port. The shipment of live fry has been cleared within three hours of its arrival at the customs and cleared quickly. In the future, the export of fish fry will be done on priority basis.

People related to export said that the government of India had not approved the export of live fish from Bangladesh for so long. Recently the Government of India has approved the import of live fish fry from Bangladesh subject to various conditions. For export, the exporting company has to get license (approval) and health related certificate of fish shipment from Fisheries Inspection and Quality Control Department.

When asked about this, concerned officer of Fisheries Inspection and Quality Control Department, Khulna, Lipton Sardar, said, “There is a huge demand for live fry of cat fish (Pangash, Shing, Magur, Kai, Pabda) produced in hatcheries in Bangladesh in India.” For the first time, 100,000 fry of Vietnamese fish produced in the hatchery of Adamdighi Upazila of Dinajpur were exported. A new possibility has been created through the export of these chicks. It is expected to create a big market for hatcheries in Jessore and Dinajpur