Former CEO Mahtab’s case demanding 227 crore rupees from Robi

Mahtab Uddin Ahmed, former managing director and chief executive officer (CEO) of mobile network operator Robi Aziata Limited, has filed a case for Tk 227 crore from the company. He asked for this money for ‘retirement benefits and compensation for unfair dismissal’.

Mahtab filed this case in the Dhaka Joint District and Sessions Judge Court on Monday. In addition to Ravi Aziata, the former CEO of the company Ijaddin Idris, the current board chairman Thayaparan S. Sangara Pillai and other related parties were made defendants.

Mahtab Uddin joined Robi as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in 2010. Became CEO in 2016. Later he resigned in 2021.

Mahtab Uddin’s lawyer Hasan MS Azim said in a circular that Mahtab Uddin submitted his resignation letter on August 2, 2021, which is to be effective from October 31 of the same year. Robi’s board of directors informed him in a letter of accepting his resignation unconditionally on August 5 that year. However, on May 22, 2022, Ravi Aziata Group gave a notice of dismissal to Mahtab Uddin.

The circular also said that suddenly Ravi sent a show cause notice against Mahtab Uddin on October 7, 2021 regarding a financial transaction of 2019. Aziata Group and Robi’s board were aware of this transaction.

Mahtab Uddin Ahmed told Prothom Alo, “How did they fire me after resigning?” Basically they had a problem with my salary. He said that no question was raised in the financial statement about the transaction they are talking about. The financial statements were audited by a reputed audit firm.

Mahtab Uddin Ahmed also said, ‘I am actually a victim of personal revenge. Basically they had a problem with my salary. He claimed that he had complained against Robi’s chairman a long time ago. They will not be able to prove the financial transaction that Ravi Aziata has raised.

When asked about Mahtab Uddin’s case, Robi authorities said in a statement that they have not been officially informed about it yet. So it is not possible for them to comment on the matter now.

Robi Aziata is the second top mobile operator in the country. Malaysia-based multinational conglomerate Aziata Group owns the majority of the shares. Robi is a company registered in the capital market of the country