He asked for 500 rupees to buy food for an orphan boy and got 55 lakhs

Subhadra is a 46-year-old woman from the southern Indian state of Kerala. He only uses this one name. Her husband died last August. After that, he spent his days with three children. The youngest son is unable to walk due to illness. So even if he wanted to, he could not get any job.

Meanwhile, Subhadra is no longer able to feed her children. Desperate, the father asked his son’s teacher for Rs 500 to buy food for his lost children.

According to a BBC report, seeing the plight of this woman, the teacher took to social media to collect funds. By last Monday, the family had received assistance of Rs.55 lakh.

The incident started on Friday. That day, Subhadra went to local school teacher Girija Harikumar for help. His son studied in that school. He told the teacher that there is nothing to give to children at home.

Hindi teacher Girija. He told BBC that he wanted to know from his student Abhishek in advance whether their family was having problems after the death of their father. But this is the first time the student and his mother came to help.

Girija said, ‘I gave him one thousand rupees. I assured him, I will do something for them.

Then Girija went to see the condition of the family with his own eyes. He sees the family living in extreme poverty. This teacher said that there was little rice in the kitchen. There is nothing for the children to eat.

Girija said, “I think there is no point in giving a small amount of money to Subhadra now.” Because that would be totally inadequate for the family.
On Friday evening, Girija posted on Facebook highlighting the plight of the family. He requested to help the family with money according to their ability. Girija also provided details of Subhadra’s bank account in her post, so that the woman would receive the money directly.

Girija’s post went viral. By Monday, the family had received Rs 55 lakh from unknown benefactors.

Subhadra’s husband died before she could finish the housework. Some of the money will be spent on finishing the rest of the house. The rest will be deposited in the bank. Dividends will cover their daily expenses. Fundraising has been discontinued.