I worry about the future of the Russia-Ukraine food deal

Ukraine’s grain exports through Black Sea ports have dropped significantly to maintain food supplies in developing countries. The authority responsible for monitoring the export of food products by ship has informed this information. Last November, the agreement on the export of food grains between Ukraine and Turkey was renewed through the mediation of the United Nations. This contract will be renewed again next month. Meanwhile, February 24 will mark the anniversary of the Russian attack on Ukraine. In this situation, there is concern about the future of the food contract.

In Istanbul, representatives of the United Nations, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey jointly monitor food shipments under the Joint Coordination Center. There are inspectors from three countries including the United Nations in this center. On their part, it is said that 3.7 million metric tons of food products were exported from the ports of Ukraine last December, but it decreased to 3.0 million tons in January. The reduction in food exports is equivalent to the food consumption of countries such as Kenya and Somalia for a month.

The Ukrainian government has blamed Russia for the decline in food exports. They alleged that Russian inspectors deliberately delayed inspections. Through this they are enjoying uninterrupted trade facilities from their own ports on the Black Sea. However, Russia denied this allegation. They say the allegations are not true.

Fears surrounding a deal to export grain through Black Sea ports were dispelled last November. At that time, the contract period for the export of food grains from Ukraine was extended for another four months. Ukraine is one of the countries that produce grain and oilseeds. But since the beginning of the war, the export of grain through Ukrainian ports has stopped. In July last year, with the efforts of Turkey and the United Nations, a grain export agreement was concluded between Russia and Ukraine through the ports. Under this, it is said to create a safe corridor by sea to meet food shortages around the world. This opens the way for safe export of grain from three ports of Ukraine.