Mass solidarity movement protest rally in Barisal against load shedding

The Mass Solidarity Movement held a protest rally in Barisal on Monday against loadshedding and public suffering. At that time, the leaders of the organization demanded the repeal of the power sector impunity law, ensuring the punishment of corruption-robbery and irregulars, increasing the allocation to the renewable energy sector.

The program started at Ashwini Kumar Hall Square, Sadar Road, Barisal Nagar at 11 am. It was chaired by Dewan Abdur Rashid, convener of Barisal District Committee of Mass Solidarity Movement.

Speakers in the rally said that the country is heading towards a dire crisis. The power crisis that is going on in the country has caused a stir in the public mind. It is assumed that this crisis will deepen. Due to the ongoing power crisis, the news of disruption of agricultural production is coming from different parts of the country in different media. Fertilizer production has been reduced. Soon there may be a food crisis in the country. Various quarters of the government are blaming the rise in international market prices for the situation. Corruption and looting, wrong policy and mismanagement of government people are mainly responsible for this situation.

Member secretary Arifur Rahman, members Nazrul Islam Khan, Yasmin Sultana and Hasib Ahmed, president of Barisal district committee of student federation Jaber Mohammad, convenor of Barisal University branch Zaman Kabir also spoke under the direction of Sakibul Islam, member of the district committee of the organization. At this time, Rafiqul Islam Russell, member secretary of Barisal District Committee of People’s Rights Council and others gave a speech expressing solidarity.

Speakers in the rally also said that the government has created a master plan of import-dependent energy without ensuring any kind of energy security. Common people have to pay the price. Although the government has announced hourly load shedding, it has now taken a dire shape. The government’s talk of success in the power sector has turned into empty bully.

Condemning the incident in which one person lost his life and many were shot dead in the BNP protest rally in Bhola on Sunday, the speakers further said, ‘There is no minimum civil rights in the country today. The police attack in Bhola exposes the fascism that the government has established by taking away the right to freedom of assembly and speech. The government is using all the institutions of the country to protect its interests, and the people of the country should unite and stand against this misrule.