Pakistan wanted Shehzad as captain because of his ‘beautiful looks’

Ahmed Shehzad has been talking to various media regularly for several days now. A few days ago, he spoke about the detrimental role of Pakistan’s legendary fast bowler and former coach Waqar Younis in his career. Allegedly, his career has been cut short because of Walker. This time, the one-time opener in Pakistan’s Marquette claims that he was assured of becoming the captain of the Pakistan cricket team seven years ago.
Shehzad told a Pakistani media outlet that he had discussed the matter with then-PCB chairman Najam Sethi before the 2015 World Cup. Najam Naki told Shehzad that in the future he (Shehzad) could be the captain of Pakistan, ‘Najam Sethi talked to me just before the 2015 World Cup. He then told me that after Misbah-ul-Haq, I could be a very good choice as the captain of the Pakistan team. He told me directly that I would be the next captain of Pakistan after Misbah-ul-Haq. ‘
Shehzad also explained why Najam Sethi suddenly felt the need to appoint Ahmed Shehzad as captain to have more qualified cricketers in the team. I can speak well. I will be able to project a positive image of Pakistan to the outside world. ‘
Sethi told Shehzad, ‘You can speak very well. You will handle the media well. Your look, your clothes are all great. You can be a great image of Pakistan in the outside world. Your performance is also excellent. I have an idea to make you a captain. You are truly the wealth of Pakistan cricket. The 2015 World Cup is Misbah-ul-Haq’s last tournament. Then you can be the captain. So that’s how you should behave. ‘