Safjayi Masura’s father’s van was stolen in the middle of the night

The battery-powered van belonging to Rajab Ali, the father of SAFF title-winning footballer Masura Parveen, has been stolen. The van was stolen from Masura’s house in Satkhira’s Binerpota area sometime during the early hours of Friday night. Masura bought the van to his father Rajab after winning the SAFF Championship trophy.

Rajab Ali gave a written complaint to Satkhira Sadar police station in this incident on Saturday afternoon. Police Officer-in-Charge (OC) Abu Jihad Fakhrul Alam Khan confirmed the matter at first sight.

Rajab Ali said that his wife Fatima Begum has been sick for many days. They returned home on December 12 after treatment at a private hospital in Dhaka. His wife was feeling a little sick last night too. Everyone in the house was awake until almost 2:30 am. Later, when they were asleep, sometime during the night, the thief broke the lock of the main door of the house and stole the van kept in the yard.

Rajab Ali was once a restaurant worker. Later he ran a tea shop at Labani cinema hall and Itegacha intersection in Satkhira town. For several years, he has been ferrying curries and fruits to different parts of the city in a van. However, because of his age, it was very difficult to drive Rajab Ali’s foot-operated van. So, thinking about her father’s suffering, elder daughter Masura bought the van. After returning home from Nepal after winning the SAFF trophy, Masura gave him 55,000 rupees to buy a van. With that money, he bought the van on October 30.

Rajab Ali said that his younger daughter Sumaiya and his wife Fatema were at home last night. The van had two locks. The gate of the house was also locked. Thieves stole the van by breaking three locks. His wife’s treatment has already spent four lakh rupees. Meanwhile, his van was stolen. All in all he has become helpless.

Abu Jihad Fakhrul Alam Khan, OC of Satkhira Sadar Police Station, said that Rajab Ali gave a written complaint today afternoon. Police have already started operations to recover the van.