Sanjida Bangladesh in the list of 100 influential women of BBC

The list of 100 most inspiring and influential women in the world this year was published by the BBC on Tuesday. Just as the Ukrainian women who provided health care during the Russia-Ukraine war were included in this list, so were the women who took part in the protests that started due to the death of the young Iranian girl Masa Amini. Sanjida Islam of Mymensingh, Bangladesh has been included in this list.

The names of these 100 women have been published in four categories. These are politics and education; Culture and Sports; Counseling and Activism and Health and Science. Sanjida Islam has been placed in the Advocacy and Activism category. Brief introductions of these women have been published on the website of the British media BBC. It says about Sanjida Islam, she, her classmates and teachers work to prevent child marriage.

Sanjida Islam is a resident of Jhaugara village in Achargaon union of Nandail upazila of Mymensingh. He is studying at Gurudayal Government College, Kishoreganj. He is studying in the first year of graduation in management. In 2014, when she was a class VIII student at Nandale Pilot Girls’ School, she responded by forming a movement against child marriage with six of her classmates. After that, Prothom Alo Sanjida made a documentary with the title of ‘Sat Kashasi’.
These seven brave people along with Sanjida formed an organization called Ghasfaring in 2014. Since then they have actively worked to prevent child marriage. But now everyone works separately.

After Sanjida Islam’s name appeared in the BBC’s list of 100 influential women, this representative of Prothom Alo visited her home on Tuesday. He told Prothom Alo, ‘We all work separately now. But everyone is active from their place. So far more than 70 child marriages have been prevented by Sanjidara.

Apart from preventing child marriage, Sanjida also works to stop dowry. He said, he wants to be independent after completing his studies. According to him, to be involved in various social activities including preventing this child marriage, one must be self-reliant.

The BBC has been publishing this list since the 2012 ‘Nirbhaya’ rape and murder in Delhi, India. This year was the 10th anniversary of the publication of this list. The first lady of Ukraine Olena Zelenska, Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, Iranian mountaineer Elnaz Rekabi have been included in this list of BBC.