Some buses are charging more than the prescribed fare on the Khulna-Dhaka route

The rate at which the government has increased the bus fare after the increase in fuel prices, not all buses in Khulna are accepting it. While some buses hiked the fare at the prescribed rate of 22 percent, some buses were seen charging more than that. However, the busses plying in Antjela are being charged at almost fixed rates.

Transport officials say that the fare will increase by 82 rupees according to the distance from Khulna to Dhaka via Padma bridge. On Saturday evening, sitting with the transport owners in Dhaka, the fare was increased by 40 paisa per kilometer. Where earlier the fare for long-distance transport was 1 taka 80 paisa per kilometer, now the fare has been set at 2 taka 20 paisa.

After visiting various bus counters in the city and talking to those concerned, it is known that Green Line Transport has increased the fare the most. The fare of the company’s business class and double decker was Tk 1 thousand 200 earlier. It has been increased by 200 taka to 1 thousand 400 taka. Economy class fare has been increased from Tk 750 to Tk 900 by Tk 150.

When asked, Faisal Arefin, the ticket sales officer of the Royal Mor counter, said that everything in Green Line transportation is online based. Although oil prices were increased on Friday night, there was no increase in fares on Saturday. After meeting with the government on Saturday night, the owner fixed the rent in the morning. As such fare is being charged from passengers.
Sohag Paribahan Limited could not determine the AC bus fare till 12 noon. However, the non-AC bus fare has been increased by 80 taka to 680 taka. Falguni Paribahan’s non-AC has also been increased by Tk 80. AC and non-AC bus fare has been increased by Tk 100 in Tungipara Express.

Shyamoli NR Travels was launched about a month ago after the Padma Bridge was inaugurated. In that transport, AC and non-AC buses have increased the fare by 100 taka.
The ticket sellers of the counters said that the owner has increased the fare in coordination with the increase in the price of fuel.

Antjela bus fare has also been increased by 2 taka 20 paisa per kilometer. As such, even if some buses charge fixed fares, the buses plying on short distances are charging slightly less fares from the passengers.
From Khulna Nagar’s Sonadanga Antjela Bus Terminal, buses travel on 18 routes in Khulna and its surrounding districts and upazilas. Khulna-Kushtia distance is 156 km. Kushtia fare from Khulna was Tk 280. After the increase in the price of fuel, the rent was being charged at Tk 320 on Saturday. The fare has been increased by 2 taka 20 paise to 343 taka from Sunday morning. 340 taka is being charged from passengers at the counter.
Distance from Khulna to Paikgacha upazila is 65 km. The rent was 115 Tk. The new rent is charged at 140 taka. The distance between Khulna and Mongla upazila of Bagerhat is 52 km. Earlier the rent was 90 taka, now the rent is being taken at 110 taka.

President of Khulna Motor Bus Owners Association, Abdul Gaffar told Biswas Prothom Alo that the bus owners have increased the rent at the rate set by the government. If someone collects extra rent, it is the landlord’s responsibility.