Star Cineplex expressed regret over watching movies in lungi

Saman Ali Sarkar visited his son’s house in Dhaka and went to see the movie ‘Paran’ at Sony Square in the capital. But the hall authority did not sell the ticket to that person as he was a lungipra. Later that person left without watching the movie. Recently, such a video with pictures went viral. The stars and crew of ‘Paran’ team suffered in such a humanitarian incident. The Cineplex authorities have expressed regret that such an incident is undesirable.
Star Cineplex expressed their grief through a status on their Facebook page. In a written statement, they mentioned, ‘On behalf of the Star Cineplex family, we would like to state that we do not discriminate against our customers on the basis of anything. There is no such rule or policy in our organization. which would deny a person the right to purchase a ticket for wearing a lungi. We want to let you know that everyone is always welcome to watch their favorite movies in our cinema hall.

At this time they also mentioned, ‘The incident spread on social media is probably the result of an unfortunate misunderstanding. We are deeply saddened to see this incident happen and grateful to the concerned parties for bringing it to our attention. We, the Star Cineplex family, are committed to providing the best cinematic experience to our customers and we cordially invite this gentleman to watch “Paran” with his family at our Sony Square branch. Apart from this, we are investigating the incident so that such misunderstanding does not happen in the future.’
Yesterday Wednesday night, through some film related pages and groups on Facebook, it is known that a person wearing a lungi went to watch the movie ‘Paran’ at the Sony Cinema Hall in Dhaka. The authorities did not sell tickets to him because he was wearing a lungi. After the video of such incident was published on Facebook, director Raihan Rafi of Paran movie, hero Shariful Raj, heroine Vidya Sinha Mim and many others got noticed.

Since last night, they have been looking for the man with status on Facebook to watch pictures together. He was found today. His name is Aman Ali. Village house is Sirajganj. He came to visit his son’s house in Mirpur in Dhaka and went to Sony Square. His son Shafi Alam told Prothom Alo, “My father was not given a ticket because he went to the cinema in a lungi.” Why do we wear lungi? My father no longer goes to the cinema hall. If the hero-heroine of the movie “Paran” shows the movie with the father, then go.’
It is learned that Star Cineplex authorities invited Saman Ali Sarkar to watch the film on Thursday. In a statement published on Facebook, the company’s senior marketing officer Mejbah Uddin wrote, We have already contacted the person and invited him and his family to watch the film at Star Cineplex. He has kept our word and this evening he is watching ‘Paran’ with his family at Star Cineplex’s Mirpur Sony Square branch. On behalf of the entire Star Cineplex family, we are delighted to extend our respect and best wishes to Saman Ali Sarkar and his family.’