The young people of the area built a new house for the old woman

Three years ago, the house of Hajera Begum, an old woman, was destroyed after being crushed by a tree in Cyclone Bulbul. He has no one else in this world except a fatherless grandson. He took refuge in the neighbor’s kitchen with that grandson. They spent their days there. Three months ago, a young man was distributing Iftar in Hajera Begum’s village and saw his plight. He highlighted the issue and posted the picture of Hajera’s broken house on social media Facebook. Then help started coming from all around to build a new house for Hagar. A month ago, those youths made Hajera a colorful tin house.

Last Friday morning in Pirojpur Sadar Upazila’s Kalakhali village, it was seen that Hajera Begum’s house had new wood and colorful tin houses. Sitting in the new house, he is preparing lunch.

Hajera Begum told Prothom Alo, “My husband Raihan Uddin Sheikh died 20 years ago. The only son also died a few years ago. I used to live in my husband’s old house with my deceased son’s child Rumman (18). In November 2019, the house collapsed after being crushed by a tree. I have been living in the kitchen of my neighbor Monir Khandkar for two and a half years by putting up a hut on the roof of the house. After that, some local boys gave me a house. I am happy to get a house.
President of Kalakhali Union Youth Volunteer Organization posted on Facebook about Hajera Begum’s broken house. A young man named Ranel Howladar. He told Prothom Alo, “I saw Hazera Begum’s house while distributing Iftar material on April 12. I feel very sad to see the dilapidated house. At this time, I post on Facebook highlighting the plight of Hajera Begum with a picture of her house. After that we collected 32 thousand taka with the help of various people and members of our organization. A brother named Aliullah bought wood. I bought tin with my salary and built the house.

Member of Kalakhali Union Parishad No. 1 Ward. Salim Sheikh said, Hajera Begum is very poor. On the occasion of Mujib Barsha, he gave the name of Hajera Begum in the list for the shelter-2 project house of the Prime Minister’s office. But as Hajar was not landless and the house was reserved only for the landless, she could not be allotted a house. Hajera has been given a new house by the initiative of some local youth. Their initiative will be an exemplary example.