This time Rajuk chairman himself will visit the building

Last June, 1,643 buildings under construction were inspected by the field level officers of the organization under the jurisdiction of the Capital Development Authority (RAJUK). Some kind of deviation was found in 1 thousand 75 of these buildings.

In this situation, during the construction of buildings with more than 10 floors, the chairman of Rajuk along with other senior officials have decided to inspect the site. Purpose – To build buildings according to rules. However, experts have expressed doubts about the implementation and effectiveness of this decision.

The urban experts have been blaming the owners as well as the field officials of the organization (Rajuk) for not complying with the design approval from Rajuk while constructing the building. They say that if the field level officers of Rajuk work honestly, the rate of deviant buildings would have been reduced to a large extent.

Rajuk Chairman Anishur Rahman Mia told Prothom Alo that they have recently taken a decision to ensure that the building is built according to the rules. Chairman of RAJUK will inspect buildings under construction of more than 20 floors. Members of RAJUK will inspect buildings higher than 14 floors. And more than 10 storey high buildings will be inspected by the Director of Rajuk.

Anishur Rahman Mia also said that Rajuk chairman himself will visit the building in two phases at the beginning of construction and during the construction of the ground floor. The matter has already been reported to the planning department of Rajuk. The chairman has been asked to inform in writing when the construction of any building will start.
Rajuk’s own survey says that there are 1,818 multi-storey buildings in the area under the agency’s jurisdiction, of which 84 percent have been constructed without design.

Bangladesh Institute of Planners president Mohammad Fazle Reza Sumon cannot trust the decision of Rajuk chairman in such a reality. He told Prothom Alo that Rajuk had formed a monitoring committee earlier. But nothing worked.

Mohammad Fazle Reza Sumon said, the decision of Rajuk chairman, members and directors to inspect the building under construction on the ground does not seem to be anything but surprising. Raju has the information about the buildings which have been constructed by deviating from the design. Why is Rajuk not taking action against those buildings?