Transcom has launched a new Roa brand TV in the market

The country’s top electronics company Transcom Electronics Limited has launched a new brand of Chinese technology television (TV) in the market. They are bringing two models of this new TV called Roa to the market. This TV made by the Chinese electronics company The Creating Life or TCL has various artificial intelligence technologies. From next week, customers can buy Roa TV from certain sales centers across the country.

The marketing activities of Roa TV in Bangladesh started with a program at the Radisson Blu Hotel in the capital on Thursday. Apart from Transcom and TCL top brass, Transcom’s exclusive dealers and distributors were also present on the occasion.

Arshad Haque, Managing Director of Transcom Electronics delivered the welcome address on the occasion. Shoaib Md., business manager of Transcom Electronics Distribution was also present. Asaduzzaman, Manager of Sales Department of TCL Overseas Marketing. Ripon Mia, TCL’s Indian Service Director Wang Loulin Rollin and others.

Arshad Haque, Managing Director of Transcom Electronics, in his welcome speech, said that in the last 15 years, our brand Transcom Digital has worked together with several local and global brands. In the last five-seven years, Transcom has gained the trust of customers across the country through manufacturing and proper marketing. Apart from retail marketing, Transcom has started investing in manufacturing sector after a long time.

A 100-acre industrial park has been launched in Narsingdi two years ago to manufacture various home appliance products including TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners. Through this, Transcom wants to reach all parts of the country through both production and marketing aspects.

Mr. Shoaib, business manager of distribution of Transcom Electronics. Asaduzzaman said, in the first phase, Transcom Electronics is bringing these two series of ROA televisions to the market, S52 and U62. 32 and 43 inch S52 Roya TVs are now available in the market. This Android technology TV will have dynamic color and Dolby audio technology.

This technology has been used for the first time in the country on Roa TV. In addition to clear sound, this technology allows the television to be controlled by voice without a remote.

On the other hand, U62 is the country’s first direct registered Google TV. This TV will have all the benefits of Google. The specialty of this TV of 43, 50, 55 and 65 inches is that it can maintain the balance of light and color in light or dark. Apart from this, this model will also have Dolby audio technology. Asaduzzaman said that no one else has brought a TV of the same level as U62 in the country’s market.

It was informed at the event that this TV will be reached to consumers through 68 own sales centers of Transcom Digital and exclusive distributors in 37 districts. Apart from this, Transcom is going to appoint distributors for the first time to deliver this TV to customers all over the country. For this, 30 distributors have been appointed across the country.

TCL’s India Service Director Wang Loulin Rollin said, Roa TV incorporates artificial intelligence technology to provide viewers with comfortable entertainment. Due to the official registration with Google, this TV will have more than 7 thousand applications including YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, G5.