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Awlad received 68 days imprisonment for the fake warrant, 32 lakhs compensation

“In the future, no one has to go to jail and court in the cycle of fake warrants. Because the harassment, pain and suffering of the cycle of fake certificates is beyond words. I got justice. Grateful to the court.’- The words were said by the Program Officer of the Agriculture Department of the Public Health Center. Awlad Hossain.

Awlad had to spend 68 days in jail due to fake warrant. Awlad said these things on Prothom Alo today in a reaction after receiving Tk 32 lakh as compensation from the defendants.

His wife Shahnaz Parveen filed a supplementary application in the High Court seeking compensation of Tk 50 lakh for Awlad’s ‘illegal detention’ for 68 days with a fake warrant. The High Court ruled on the hearing on January 31. The ruling asked why Awlad Hossain should not be ordered to pay Tk 50 lakh compensation for illegal detention.

The petitioner’s counsel said that thereafter a compromise agreement was reached between the petitioner and the respondent. According to the agreement, the case (supplementary application) is to be withdrawn if Awlad Hossain is paid Tk 32 lakh as compensation. Later the defendants gave a check of Tk.32 lakhs. The settlement is intimated to the High Court in the form of an affidavit. In view of this, on Monday, the High Court rejected the rule on the question of compensation (discharge for non-prosecution).

According to the documents, the police arrested Awlad from Ashulia on October 30, 2019 in a case of torture of women and children in Cox’s Bazar. He was brought from one prison to another and from one court to another, showing arrest warrants one after another. His wife filed a writ in December 2019 seeking a direction to present him in the High Court to ensure that Awlad was not illegally detained by making such allegations. On December 10 of that year, the High Court ordered with the rule. The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the police was asked to submit a report to the court investigating the allegations of implicating Awlad in a ‘fake warrant’. He was released on January 6, 2020 by order of the High Court after 68 days of detention. After that, his wife filed a supplementary application seeking compensation of Tk 50 lakh.
Emadul Haque Basir, one of Awlad’s lawyers, said that this is the first case of receiving compensation for illegally detaining someone with a fake warrant. He told Prothom Alo that 10 people have been named in the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) report. The supplementary application was filed against the persons appearing in the report seeking compensation. This application was withdrawn after paying compensation of Tk 32 lakh. But the original writ is pending.