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B&J Stopped maximum sales in occupied territories

B&J has stated that it does not agree with its parent company’s decision to sell the Israeli business of ice cream brand.

Unilever announced this week that it had sold Ben & Jerry’s business in Israel in a bid to defuse ice cream sales in West Bank settlements.

The independent board of Ben & Jerry announced last summer that the brand would no longer sell its products in occupied Palestinian territories, saying that doing so was “inconsistent with our values”.

The decision was one of the highest-profile boycotts by a well-known Israeli settlement brand, which is considered illegal under international law.

Ben and Jerry’s board decided not to renew a license with its local partner – American Quality Products (AQP) – which made and distributed ice cream in Israel, East Jerusalem, and the West Bank, when it expired. at the end of this year.

However, Unilever said this week that it had sold the Israeli arm of Ben & Jerry’s to AQP owner Avi Zinger.

Under the terms of the agreement, ice cream with the same flavors and similar artwork will continue to be sold throughout Israel but using only the Hebrew and Arabic versions of the brand names – not the English brand, Ben & Jerry’s. A Unilever spokesman said the company would not receive any licensing revenue from the sale of the products.