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Farm with a loan of crores of rupees, all the fish have been washed away

7 big ponds on 13 acres of land of Abdul Alim (42) fish farm of Sunamganj. Different species of fish in these ponds were worth about 35 lakh rupees. While Alim was preparing to sell fish, Sunamganj was hit by a terrible flood.

In one night, all the fish of Alim’s farm in Rangarchar village of Sadar upazila were washed away by the flood waters. Farm infrastructure has been severely damaged. Now Abdul Alim is lost in the thought of how to bear this loss.

Not only Abdul Alim, but almost all the fish farmers of the district have been affected by the devastating floods in Sunamganj. Many have bank loans. There is also debt in fish food shops. Officials of the Fisheries Department themselves are saying that these farmers will not be able to turn around if they do not get government loans or incentives.

According to the District Fisheries Officer’s Office, there are 25,173 ponds in 12 upazilas. Of these, 20 are under the Department of Fisheries and 153 are under the Ministry of Land. The remaining 25,000 ponds are privately farmed. There are 16,500 fish farmers in the district. This time all the fish and fry in the pond have been washed away by the flood. The amount of floating fish is 30 thousand metric tons. About 10 crore rupees has been lost. In all, about one thousand crore rupees has been lost so far. Of this, about Tk 100 crore has been lost to infrastructure.

Abdul Alim has taken a loan of Tk 1.28 crore from a bank to set up a farm in Rangarchar village. The fish shop has a debt of 15 lakh rupees. Now he is in trouble as all the fish have been washed away in the flood. Alim said, ‘Farm fish have been washed away. All the papers, bank contracts, checks, accounts were washed away. This terrible flood has left me completely destitute. ‘