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German Finance Minister Robert Habek announced the decision on Monday

Ownership of the German branch of the Russian state-owned energy company Gazprom has been lost. Because, it is owned by Germany. As a result, Gazprom will temporarily control Germany, the Federal Network Agency, Germany’s energy regulator. News RT.

German Finance Minister Robert Habek announced the decision on Monday. He says the move means that Germany’s energy infrastructure is not subject to Russia’s arbitrary decision. The German administration is working to maintain public safety and order and to maintain the security of supplies. This step was urgently needed to ensure the security of gas supply in the country.
Most of Germany’s natural gas collection services are operated by the Russian company Gazprom Germany. Robert Habek said the branch of Gazprom would operate under the trusteeship of the Federal Network Agency until September 30. He did not elaborate on what would happen after that date. He did not elaborate on how the government plans to move forward with the capture of Gazprom.

Russia, meanwhile, has been saying for some time that any German action on Gazprom would be illegal. Gazprom also announced the removal of its ownership and assets from Germany.

Last Friday, Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin at the Russian president’s residence and office, said any nationalization of Russian companies would seriously violate international law. On the other hand, three days after the Kremlin spokesman’s statement, Germany announced its decision to seize the property