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Legal expatriate income of 100 million dollars a day

With the exception of the weekly and holy Boishakh holidays, on the occasion of the holy Ramadan and Eid, an average of 100 million dollars of expatriate income has come to the country daily. As a result, the expatriate income in the country till April 28 of this month is 162 crore 20 lakh dollars. However, the income is less than the same period last year, even less than last March. Of the 28 days mentioned, the weekly and holy Boishakh holidays were 9 days.
The government is now giving a 2.5 percent incentive to expatriate income. Apart from this, the way to get expatriate income has also become easier. Expatriates can easily send money to their loved ones in banks, outside bank accounts, and in mobile banking. However, due to the recent rise in the value of the dollar in the open market, it is getting five rupees more per dollar if the income is sent illegally. Due to this, the income of expatriates has increased illegally recently. Now, as the central bank, the exchange rate in the banking sector is 8 rupees 45 paise per dollar. And in the open market, the exchange rate per dollar is more than 90 rupees.
It is known that last March, the expatriate income in the country came to 160 million dollars. And from 1 to 26 April of this month, about 162 crore dollars has come. However, if the April 26 account is added, the amount of expatriate income this month may be more than in March.
There was a big jump in the expatriate income in Corona. That flow has been somewhat interrupted since late last year.
The flow of expatriate income has increased a bit since last March. The total amount of expatriate income that came to the country last March was the highest in the last eight months. Every year during the month of Ramadan, the flow of expatriate income increases more than usual. This time, however, before the start of Ramadan, the expatriate income has improved. The bankers thought that the record expatriate income would come ahead of Eid. But in the end, their expectations were not met.
In the first month of January.