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Santander drags his heels on fraud against me to get a mortgage

Last December I saw in my credit file that apparently a Santander account had been opened in my name by someone else.

I contacted Santander to warn it and it said it would investigate. Then in February of this year, I saw that a loan of £15,000 had also been taken out in my name. Again I warned Santander and again it said it would investigate.

When I went to get a mortgage in principle offer in March of this year, I was told the loan was past due, so I wouldn’t be able to get one.

I contacted Santander again and was told it was still under investigation. I complained about the length of time this process took and received a letter apologizing for the poor service I had received and offering £100 compensation which I did not accept. It also promised that my case would be reviewed urgently.
This is a nightmarish story. A fraudster has made several attempts to open accounts in your name at several major banks. You only notified Santander of this fraud because the bank failed to prevent a significant loan from being taken out in your name.

After months of hesitation, Santander acted quickly when we reached out on your behalf.

It says it has a lot of sympathy for anyone who falls victim to fraud. “We have reviewed this case and believe that the customer was, unfortunately, the victim of application fraud, so we have written off the debt, closed the checking account, and are in the process of amending his credit file so that there is no lasting impact from this unfortunate event.” situation.”

We are very sorry for the delay in responding to you and are giving you £500 as a goodwill gesture. It is without obligation, so you can still submit your complaint to the ombudsman, a process that you do not yet have. You now hope to be able to get a mortgage and climb the real estate ladder together with your partner