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Severe crisis of bottled soybeans in the market

Hajera Khatun, a resident of Begunbari, was looking for soybean oil at Karwan Bazar in the capital with uncertainty. But soybean oil was not found in any of the big grocery stores in the market. In this situation, this old woman is confused about what to cook on the day of Eid.

The buyers of the capital are facing an unprecedented situation. Tomorrow is Eid, but bottled soybean oil, one of the main ingredients of Eid tastes, seems to have disappeared from the market like a feast. However, the crisis is not just today, the supply of oil in the market for a week is completely insufficient compared to the demand, said the sellers.

The shopkeepers of Karwan Bazar complained that the suppliers have started playing cat-and-mouse game with soybean oil. The market was visited at 12 noon on Monday, soybean oil is not in the market. Oil has become like the moon of the new moon. A couple of liter bottles of oil were found in some shops, but the condition is that if you take oil, you should always take something else with you.

Caravan Bazar Sonali Enterprise proprietor. Dulal Mia told Prothom Alo that this situation has been going on for a week. Oil has been supplied for roughly three days in the last seven days. Suppliers have also increased the wholesale price a lot. One liter bottled soybeans are being sold at wholesale prices up to Tk 159. Shopkeepers have to sell at 180 rupees per liter in the retail market. That is why the shopkeepers are always forcing the buyers to take other with the oil.

Another shopkeeper said he received the last two cartons of soybean oil on Sunday afternoon. Aslam. He said that when the magistrate came at noon yesterday, he suddenly got two cartons of oil. That oil did not take even 10 minutes to sell.

Ali General Store owner of Madhubag in the capital. Ali said his shop today has only one liter of bottled soybean oil. The supply has been very low for a few days now. However, open soybeans are sufficient, he said.

In this situation, it has been reported that 100, 200 ml oil is being sold in polythene bags in the neighborhood