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Stuck in withdrawing money from ATM, this work needs to be done quickly

ATM Money Withdrawal Rules: In the world of digital transactions, many people still rely on ATMs. Your money gets stuck before you leave. In that case, the customer panicked and made several mistakes. Find out what the customer should do in such a situation.

ATM Cash Withdrawal: Do this first
As per the rules of the Reserve Bank of India, there is nothing to worry about if it gets stuck while withdrawing money from ATM. In such a situation, many customers get scared. If money is not deducted from the account or cash is not received, the customer must first report the whole incident to the nearest branch of his bank. If you do not have time to go to the bank to provide this information, you can call the customer care number provided by the bank. Write the details of this whole incident and submit them to the bank. After that, you will get your money back within 7 days

ATM Money Withdrawal Rules: Remember this thing
There is no need to worry about cutting the balance even though you do not have cash when withdrawing money from ATM. You keep the transaction slip that came out of the ATM as proof. When the slip at the ATM is over, go to the bank and take the transaction statement. This slip contains information about the ATM machine, which will be verified by the bank authorities.

ATM Cash Withdrawal: Money will come in this period

According to RBI rules, a bank has to take action within seven days if it does not receive cash from an ATM machine. If for any reason the bank does not return the money within 7 days, the bank will have to pay a fine of 100 rupees per day. At least that’s what the central bank rules say.

RBI Monetary Policy: Recently, the Reserve Bank has spoken about the facility of withdrawing money without debit cards in all ATMs of the country. This was stated by Reserve Bank Governor Shashikanta Das while announcing the monetary policy of the country on Friday. Find out what is the benefit to you and me when this rule starts.