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The country’s main stock market is the Dhaka Stock Exchange

According to sources, Square Pharmaceuticals Chairman Samuel S Chowdhury, Vice Chairman Ratna Patra, Managing Director (MD) Tapan Chowdhury and Director Anjan Chowdhury will buy the shares from the stock market in the next 20 days. They are siblings and children of the late industrialist Samson H. Chowdhury. Entrepreneurial managers of the company said that they are investing in the shares of the company considering the future possibilities. At the moment, they consider this investment as the ‘best investment’.

Entrepreneurial managers of the company have announced to buy shares on the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), the country’s main stock exchange. The announcement came in the market around 1.30 pm yesterday. The company’s share price rose towards the end of the day as Square’s main entrepreneur announced the purchase of shares. At the end of the day, the price of each share of Square Pharma rose by Tk 3 to Tk 221.40 on the DSE. Although the day’s trading began with the fall in shares.

Asked about the move to buy shares in the recessionary market, Square Pharmaceuticals managing director Tapan Chowdhury told Prothom Alo, “Right now, investing in our company’s shares seems like a ‘good investment’ decision to us.” Because, we have an idea about the future prospects of our company. We have made new investment in Pabna in Corona. The company will soon start reaping the benefits. At the current market price of the company’s shares, this investment will give us a good return in the future. We also have cash in hand. That is why this decision has been taken to invest in shares. ‘
Square Pharma’s four entrepreneurial directors set an example again in the country’s stock market. They announced to buy 9 lakh shares from the secondary market when the stock market has been falling continuously for a few days and the transaction is also declining alarmingly.

Entrepreneurs of Square Pharma announced to buy shares in two stock exchanges of the country on Thursday. According to yesterday’s market price, the price of these 9 lakh shares is about 20 crore rupees