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The export value is 21 million dollars, but not a single dollar has come to the country

About 21 lakh dollars worth of ready made garments were exported. These export products are sent to Malaysia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, Trinidad and Tobago through Chittagong port. However, not a single dollar of export from these countries came to the country. Officials complain that fake documents have been used for export.

The Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation has uncovered such a novel case of money laundering through illegal export of goods. Before it was detected, 85 shipments worth $21 million had been exported. At the very last moment during the preparation of the export invoice, the officials seized 9 invoices worth 2 lakh 83 thousand dollars.

The consignment was exported in the name of Sabiha Saiki Fashion of Dhaka. Soon after detecting the first fraud on January 31, Sabiha Saiki Fashion filed a general diary at the Uttara Paschim police station in Dhaka. Limax Shippers Limited was the customs agent on behalf of the exporter in this shipment.

According to the Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation, a team of them conducted a raid on a private depot in Patenga on January 31. Export of 9 consignments worth 2 lakh 83 thousand dollars was suspended due to allegations of fraud. Agrani Bank was named as the exporter’s bank. Accordingly, when Agrani Bank sought information, they informed the intelligence officers that the documents were issued in the name of another exporter. That is, these products have been exported through the sale agreement or letter of credit of another exporter.

When asked, Director General of Customs Intelligence and Investigation Department Mohammad Fakhrul Alam told Prothom Alo that these consignments were exported through fraud. It does not allow foreign currency to come into the country legally as opposed to export. Export money is basically laundered.

Joint Director of Chittagong Regional Office to investigate this allegation of fraud. The directorate has formed an investigation committee of eight members by convening Saifur Rahman.

Customs officers of Chittagong cleared export consignments. After the Directorate of Intelligence detected the incident, the agency is also looking into the matter.

If you want to know, Deputy Commissioner of Chittagong Customs. Badruzzaman Munshi told Prothom Alo that a four-member investigation committee has been formed to look into the matter.