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The market will depend on these factors at the beginning of the week

Any major Russian move against Ukraine could worsen the market situation. In that case the market may go down a bit. However, it is less likely to be long lasting.
Oil prices in the world market today can have a big impact on the market. The price of crude oil is not rising at a record level in the international market like before. In that case, India would benefit if oil prices fell below 100 per barrel. This is because India imports about 80 percent of its crude oil from around the world. Therefore, if the price of oil rises, it will have a serious effect on the stock market.
The number of corona infections is increasing again in China. Which has worried the world. If for some reason different variants of Kovid are spread in the world again by the hand of China, the danger will increase in the market. As a result, starting from cars, supermarkets will be severely affected. Even if there is a controlled lockdown due to some reason, it will have a negative impact on the market. The index will come down again.
On April 8, the Reserve Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee will begin its monetary policy presentation meeting. The three-day meeting will end on April 6. Experts believe that the RBI may follow suit as most central banks raise interest rates worldwide. However, in that case, they will keep in mind the growth of the general market. The monetary policy of the Reserve Bank can have a big impact on the market to increase the demand in the domestic market.
The quarterly results of various companies will be announced from this week. In that case, the market will depend a lot on the profit of the company. The opposite can be seen if the quarterly results of the companies are bad. The market will understand that flame from today. Many people will invest in that stock in advance, guessing which company can do better. Such swing traders do not wait for a breakout.