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The number of women workers in the garment sector is decreasing

During the Corona period, the government announced incentives but most of the factories laid-off workers on a large scale. A large part of the workers who lost their jobs were women.
Sohagi (30) came to the capital from Kurigram with her husband 9 years ago after losing her vita due to river erosion. After a couple of years, he worked as a helper in a garment factory in the Kachukhet area. He also lost his job along with many others during the massive retrenchment in the garment industry in the first push of Corona in 2020. He spent a year unemployed in the hope of getting a job in another factory. The family was run by the rickshaw puller’s husband. Her husband died last year. Forced to work part-time as a housemaid.

Latino (32) of Savar lost his job in a garment factory and became a domestic worker. “I was the operator,” he said. I used to get a salary of 9,300 rupees per month. Now I work at home. Income from this work is less. There is no respect. ‘There are parents and siblings in his family. Lives alone in Savar. Asked if he had tried to work in another garment factory after being cut, he said he was “old enough” to sew garments in a factory. No one wants to take it.

The names of these two women have also been added to the list of women workers in the export-oriented garment industry. The reporter spoke last month with 11 women garment workers who lost their jobs during the Corona period. Seven of them have found work in a garment factory again after being unemployed for a year and a half. And four are still unemployed.

Owners and labor leaders of ready-made garment factories say that the factory owners were shocked when foreign buyers and brands canceled and suspended orders for ready-made garments on a large scale at the beginning of Corona two years ago. Despite the government’s announcement of incentives, most factories lay off workers on a massive scale. A large part of the workers who lost their jobs were women. When the purchase order increased in the middle of last year, the factories started hiring again. However, many could not return to work. In the lives of those who have returned
Rhythm has occurred. Many have not been able to overcome the financial crisis due to being unemployed for a long time.

On March 25, 2020, the government announced an incentive fund of Tk. Even then, due to the cancellation and suspension of the purchase order, the retrenchment of workers in the garment industry started in April. The Ministry of Labor then requested that the workers not be laid off. Garment owners promise that workers will not be laid off. They even promised to re-employ the laid-off workers. It didn’t do much. A small number of laid-off workers were reinstated.