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The supply of soybean in the market is low

Sohag Ahmed, a retailer at the Sohag department store on Dilu Road in New Eskaton in the capital, said, “The supply of soybean oil has been low for two weeks now.” Now we have these few bottles of oil. That too is a brand. No other company is supplying oil. If we don’t get oil in the wholesale market then we have nothing to do. ‘

The picture of retail markets in Dhaka and Chittagong is similar to that of the Sohag department store. If one brand of soybean is found in one store, it is not found in another store. The oil shelves of most of the shops were found to be half empty.

Eid is coming up at the end of Ramadan. Before Eid, people will crowd the retail shops again. At this time the demand for edible oil is high. Retailers say they are not getting enough soybean oil from the company’s distributors.

Despite the low supply of oil, it has been seen that oil is being sold in the retail market at the rates fixed by the government. Bottled soybeans are sold at Rs 180 per liter. According to retailers in Chittagong, the company’s dealers are supplying soybeans at Rs 156 to Rs 156 per liter to retailers.

The big picture of the soybean oil crisis has also been seen in the capital’s Karwan Bazaar. Prothom Alo has spoken to several buyers in the country’s largest wholesale market. Each of them said they were not getting soybean oil from distributors. Although the crisis started at the beginning of Ramadan, now the situation is such that they have no more products in stock. That’s why buyers are coming and going.

Karwan Bazar wholesale shop New Sonargaon General Store trader. Shahnewaz told Prothom Alo, “At least 20 big restaurants in Dhanmondi, Farmgate, Banani, and Maghbazar, including some of the country’s leading chain restaurants, take oil from us.” Due to the oil crisis, we could not deliver their products today (Monday). This has been the case since the beginning of Roger. But now the crisis is terrible. If the mills do not release the goods in the next couple of days, the situation will get worse. ‘

Talking to the owner of Yasin Enterprise in the same market, the same picture was found. The owner of the company said. Yassin said the mills had promised there would be no soybean crisis during Ramadan. But the market picture is the opposite. Supplies were controlled from the beginning of the rosary. Now it is not at all. Even though it is an oil shop, now I have to sell flour. However, traders have stocks of mustard oil. So many people are taking mustard oil without getting soybean, he said.