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Three-wheeler autorickshaw made in Runner’s country is now in the market

Runner Automobiles has started manufacturing and marketing LPG and CNG powered three wheeler auto rickshaws in the country in collaboration with Indian company Bajaj. Manufacturer Runner believes that the rate of local value addition will be at least 70 percent in the production of this vehicle of the Runner-Bajaj brand.

Prime Minister’s Adviser on Private Industries and Investment Salman F Rahman inaugurated the three-wheeler plant at the Runner Automobiles factory in Bhaluka on Saturday. Through this, a domestic company for the first time brought a three-wheeler auto-rickshaw to the market after manufacturing it in the country.

The manufacturer did not say how much the price of the Runner-Bajaj autorickshaw will be, but due to its local production, the price of this vehicle will be slightly lower than the prevailing price in the market. These three-wheelers made in the country with the technical support of Bajaj Auto will now be available in the market.

Salman F. Rahman said on the occasion, “Even though the production is done in the country, we still have to depend on foreign countries for 20 to 30 percent of the parts to make the three-wheeler.” But we want to be fully capable of making it. Due to the path the runner is walking, it may be visible in the distance. The government will provide all kinds of support for the export oriented industrial policy and the expansion of the automobiles industry.

In order to increase productivity, modern technology should be applied in the industry, otherwise the domestic companies may fall behind, Salman F. Rahman said that Bajaj is ahead in technology. The runner should also proceed with their cooperation.

The advisor to the Prime Minister also said, “Another thing I learned today is that many easy bikes and three-wheelers do not have registration. The government is losing revenue. We don’t even know who is driving whose car. He said that he will talk to all concerned to solve this problem.

Hafizur Rahman Khan, chairman of Runner Group, said that the target of producing 30,000 three-wheeler auto-rickshaws per year has been fixed in the Runner factory built on 10 acres of land at a cost of about Tk 300 crore. Apart from some parts of the engine, most of the parts including welding, dams and body will be manufactured locally. 300 more people will be employed for this work.

He said, 400 foreign workers worked in this factory. A few domestic institutions have also cooperated with us. This vehicle of common people communication will increase the employment of the people of the country.

In the opening speech of the program, Runner’s managing director and chief executive Subir Chowdhury said, “Runner is the first manufacturer and exporter of motorcycles in Bangladesh. Following this, we entered the three-wheeler industry today. We hope that we will be successful in this industry like motorcycles.

Bajaj Auto President KS Grihapati said, ‘This is not only the first three-wheeler factory in Bangladesh, but also the first Bajaj three-wheeler factory outside India. We are excited to work with Runner. The institution has already proved their capabilities.

He also commented that Bajaj will contribute to the development of automobile industry in Bangladesh.
Abdul Matlub Ahmad, president of Bangladesh Automobiles Assemblers and Manufacturers Association and chairman of Nitol-Niloy Group, said that there are about five lakh three-wheelers in the country, but only one lakh are registered. It becomes difficult to hold these vehicles accountable in case of an accident.
Abdul Matlub Ahmad mentioned that the registration situation of easybikes is worse and said that there are 50 lakh easybikes running in different parts of the country, but ‘they have nothing’. He thinks that these vehicles need to be brought under a policy.